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Florasem is an Organic Farm located in Santa Cecilia (km 14, Chillán’s Thermal baths road, Region of the Bío Bío, Chile) with a branch in the metropolitan Region. Since 1995 as family company – what is kept – with the philosophy of being employed at harmony with the nature, protection to the environment and promoting a healthy way of life across the production, validation and investigation of Medicinal herbs, aromatic herb, spices and berries like blueberries, sandhorn, murtilla and maqui berry completely organic (Free of pesticides and pollutants).

His principal item of commercialization is focus on the medicinal herbs, aromatic herbs as products with high added value, being outlined the successful line of Organic Teas (5 infusions of different flavors), and 7 concentrated mixtures of aromatic and native herbs sweetened with Stevia.

In market, Florasem has developed a strong campaign for some years, to prospect business in diverse European and Latin-American countries, with good expectations. In Chile, Florasem Ltda has helped to promote the Organic market and Medicinal herbs through the associativity with other companies and farmers.

Guillermo Riveros | geru@florasem.cl
(+56 9) 98283257